SPORTS AIR is your partner in team travel beginning with recommendations of appropriate aircraft options, negotiating with carriers on your behalf and assistance in coordinating all logistics from private TSA, cargo and ground transportation to police escorts.

  • Designated flight representative to liaison with the airline for your team’s needs.
  • Private screening and TSA.
  • Liaison with bus and trucking companies.
  • Meals and In-Flight services tailored to your requests.
  • Direct ramp on and off loading (subject to approval).
  • Monitoring position of your aircraft before each departure with standardized 2-hour lead time.
  • Advance representative to meet and coordinate with ground handlers, buses, trucks and airport officials with Enhanced Option Management.

Our relationships with the airlines, airports, TSA, and other official entities enable us to provide expertise to improve your travel experience.

Additional Services :
  • Promotional charters for donors, sponsors or alumni.
  • Super Bowl Charters for Teams or additional guests.
  • International event charters.